Real Estate Newsletters

Bi-Weekly Payment Plans

Today, many homeowners opt to re-pay their mortgage obligations through bi-weekly payment programs. In fact, many mortgage lenders allow homeowners to make the election when the homeowner obtains the financing to purchase a new home.

Flipping Scams

In recent years, so-called "flipping scams" have received widespread attention in the media. How does it work?

Mortgage Servicing

Jason just settled on his first home. During the closing Jason received a document that discussed mortgage servicing. In essence, the document indicated that Jason's lender transferred 99.9% of the loans it originated in the last year to another entity. And, just yesterday, Jason received a notice from his lender of its intention to sell his loan. What does all of this mean?

Right-to-Farm Laws

Almost every state has enacted some type of right-to-farm law. In essence, the laws protect farmers from lawsuits by neighbors. Typically, the laws create a presumption that a farmer's existing agricultural pursuits do not create an actionable nuisance.

Trees - Fruit & Nut Trees

Generally speaking, a property owner may cut back branches and roots that stray onto the property owner's property. The right of self-help, as it is called, is not found in state law; however, it derives from the common law. The rationale behind the right of self-help is that, to the extent possible, property owners should be able to protect their interests without the necessity of resorting to the courts.